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Local Interests

Paphos, Cyprus

Heading out of Polis you can take a left towards Steni, Peristerona and Lysos.

Steni has a great little museum and gives you a good potted history of local life.

In Lysos, If you stop at the coffee shop they can point you to local houses that still make halloumi and anari in the traditional way.

Lysos was the cradle of the Cypriot uprising against the British in the last ’50s, and if you visit the Council Office they still have some interesting pictures of the local male population who were interned and arrested.

As a child I was evacuated there during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus when Polis was attacked by Turkish aircraft.

Travel further out of the village and you can follow signposts to the old Eoka freedom fighter hideouts.

You could incorporate this with a visit to the local riding stables for a relaxing sunset ride in the countryside, look up or call 99777624.  Failing that follow the road up into the mountains and visit Stavros Psokas.

If you want to get off the beaten track, why not hire a bicycle with full GPS and go off exploring the local countryside. Simply contact Wheelies, Cyprus via or telephone 99350898.

For a great day out follow the local wine routes and visit boutique wineries for tasting the wide variety of local wine available.

Come into the restaurant and we can help personalise your trips to interesting places off the beaten track